Kalanchoe’s Winter Wonderland: Caring for Your Succulent in the Cold || Kalanchoe Winter Care


Kalanchoe Winter Care. As winter wraps its chilly arms around us, it’s time to give our plant buddies some extra love and attention. Among them, the vibrant Kalanchoe steals the spotlight with its beautiful flowers and succulent charm. In this easy-to-follow guide, we’ll dive into the ins and outs of Kalanchoe winter care, ensuring they stay happy and thriving despite the winter blues.

Meet the Kalanchoe: Your Winter Companion:

Let’s start with a quick intro to our star, the Kalanchoe. This resilient succulent comes in different varieties, like the blossfeldiana, thyrsiflora (also known as Flapjack or Paddle Plant), and tomentose (aka Panda Plant). Each one is a unique beauty, and they all need a bit of TLC when winter knocks on the door.

Sunshine Snacks: Light for Kalanchoe in Winter:

Winter means less sunlight, but your Kalanchoe still craves its daily dose. Find a cozy spot near a window (preferably south-facing) where it can bask in 4-6 hours of indirect sunlight. If the sun is shy, consider bringing in some artificial grow lights to keep the spirits high.

Wrap ‘Em Up, Kalanchoe! Temperature Tips:

These plants hail from warmer places, so they’re not fans of the frost. If your Kalanchoe lives indoors, shield it from drafts. If it’s an outdoor adventurer, bring it inside when the thermometer dips below 50°F (10°C). Keep the surroundings between 60-75°F (15-24°C) for that cozy, winter warmth.

Sip, Don’t Soak: Watering Wisely in Winter:

Succulents like the Kalanchoe are not big fans of soggy feet. With winter slowing down their thirst, let the soil take its time to dry between sips. Use well-draining soil, and remember, a little goes a long way with the watering can.

Kalanchoe Winter Care: Humidity, the Indoor Oasis:

Indoor heating can be a bit much for our desert-loving friends. Help them out by adding a touch of humidity. Place a water-filled tray with pebbles nearby or bring in a humidifier. Your Kalanchoe will appreciate the moisture, and those leaf tips will stay happy and hydrated.

Kalanchoe Winter Care Break: Feeding Your Plant in Winter:

Just like us, Kalanchoes take it easy on the snacks during winter. Hold off on the fertilizing until spring wakes up the growing season. When you do start feeding again, give them a balanced, diluted fertilizer to keep those nutrients flowing.

No Pests Allowed: A Winter Pest Patrol for Kalanchoe Care:

As the cold sets in, pests might seek refuge in your warm and toasty home. Keep an eye out for tiny invaders like spider mites or scale insects. If you spot any, act fast with natural solutions or a gentle insecticidal soap.

Haircut Time: Pruning and Preening for a Happy Kalanchoe:

A little trim never hurt anyone, especially your Kalanchoe. Snip away dead or yellowing leaves, and say goodbye to spent flowers. This not only keeps your plant looking dapper but also helps it redirect energy for some healthy winter growth.


By following these Kalanchoe winter care tips, you can ensure your plants remain vibrant and healthy throughout the colder months. Remember to adapt your care routine based on the specific species of Kalanchoe you have, as each may have unique requirements. Happy gardening!