Winter TLC for Your Emerald Cedars: A Simple Guide to Keep Them Cozy and Happy


Emerald Cedar Winter Care. Winter can be a bit tough on our gardens, especially for our leafy friends like the Emerald Cedars. These beautiful trees bring charm to any landscape, but when the cold hits, they need a little extra care. In this blog post, let’s chat about some easy and unique tips to make sure your Emerald Cedars have a snug winter.

Getting to Know Your Emerald Cedars:

Before we jump into winter hacks, let’s get to know these evergreens a bit. Also called Thuja occidentalis ‘Smaragd’ or Emerald Green Arborvitae, these trees are like the rockstars of the garden world. They’re known for their lush green leaves, compact size, and classy column shape. Originally from North America, they’re the go-to for creating cool privacy screens or adding a touch of elegance to your yard.

Mulching Magic:

First up, let’s talk about mulching – it’s like giving your Emerald Cedars a cozy blanket. Spread some organic mulch around the base to keep the soil warm and happy. This not only protects the roots from winter’s chills but also helps them stay hydrated.

Water Wisdom:

Winter might seem like a quiet time for watering, but your evergreens still get thirsty. Before winter hits hard, give your Emerald Cedars a good drink. And if you notice a dry spell, don’t be shy about sprinkling a bit more water. Think of it like a winter spa day for your trees.

Windbreak Wonder:

Winter winds can be a bit harsh, so let’s create a shield! Use burlap or other breathable materials to make a windbreak on the windy side. This simple move stops the cold winds from making your Cedars too dry.

Spray and Protect:

Time for a little pampering with anti-desiccant sprays. It’s like giving your trees a protective jacket. Spray these on in late fall and then a few more times during winter as the label suggests. It’s an easy way to keep the moisture in.

Snowy Hairdo:

Snow is good, but too much can be heavy for your Cedars. Imagine them having a bad hair day! Gently brush off extra snow with a soft broom to keep those branches happy and upright.

Gentle Pruning:

Winter isn’t the time for a drastic haircut. Instead, focus on removing any dead or damaged branches. Save the big trims for spring when your Emerald Cedars are in the mood for a makeover.


So, there you have it – some simple and unique ways to give your Emerald Cedars the winter care they deserve. Treat them well now, and when spring rolls around, you’ll be greeted with vibrant, happy trees. Winter doesn’t have to be a tough time for your garden buddies; a little love goes a long way!