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The game lovers with a series of curious list of names of games that will be coming soon in 2012. Of the many titles that will soon be launched in 2012, there are eight exciting games that must be awaited. This is a list of 2012 games releases, which would attract the attention of many game lovers. Want to know what games will soon be gliding in 2012 which you should waiting for? Let’s see now.

There are at least 8 games are worth waiting for in 2012. Most of the sequel, from the previous game which also has gain a huge success. The following 8 games which awaited, as reported by Channel 5, Tuesday (12/27/2011).

Max Payne 3
Max Payne is expected to be released in March 2012, this time a sequel to this game will be taken over by developer Rockstar Games. The result is a sequel that delivers more action riveting from its prequel. This game has the potential to be much better than the previous series.

Grand Theft Auto V
Mobile racing game made by Rockstar is well worth the wait. Announced last month, Grand Theft Auto V tossing cars cooler. Rockstar has revealed very little, but it looks like players will play as one of the two protagonists who appeared in previous trailers. Sand strewn beaches, golf courses, and the mountains provide the backdrop for one of the most anticipated games of 2012 in this.

Halo 4
Initially teased at E3 gaming expo, Halo 4 is set as a connection from Halo 3. This is the beginning of a new beginning in the 2012 trilogy developed by 343 Industries, which has since taken over the creative duties of Bungie Halo.

BioShock Infinite
This is the third the third series of games that explore the background of a vast city in the sky, the city suspended by a giant balloon. Like the previous series, is also anticipated in 2012.

Mass Effect 3
Finally this game lovers await the trilogy finally ended in 2012. This game will be more interesting, because it will be supported with features for Kinect on the Xbox 360 gaming console.

Street Fighter X Tekken
This is an epic match between Street Fighter, which consists of Ryu and Zangief Tekken ruled against Kazuya and King. Two characters meet each other big game with charming graphics bandage.

Metal Gear Solid: Rising
This game will promise adventure with a touch different than the Metal Gear Solid Star. Developers’ promises little change.

Hitman Absolution
Hitman Absolution will come with amazing ways. A new machine was rebuilt from scratch will give the best games of the series before. So, even though not a fan of Hitman, this is one of the highly anticipated game.

Which one would you choose from the list of  “List of 2012 Games Releases that Must be Awaited above”? Choose whichever you like, and be prepared to have fun and spend your time by playing games that will soon be gliding in 2012. Happy gaming!