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Shocking news came from Pekanbaru. A crocodile was captured. In the stomach of a crocodile, there is a child. Local villagers have managed to capture the crocodile man-eaters. How can the full story? Here’s the full review quoted from Yahoo news.

Crocodiles over five meters long and weighing not less than 400 kilograms with a suspected stomach contained the bodies of the Rio Candra (14), a resident of Cut River Village, District of Kuala Indragiri, Indragiri Hilir, Riau, the local residents were arrested and killed.

“This giant crocodile was captured at about 18:30 pm, Monday (2 / 1) then. Once captured, the crocodile was later murdered the citizens,” said Head of Kuala Indragiri, Indragiri Hilir, Muhammad Syafullah told ANTARA in Pekanbaru, on Tuesday.

Not only were killed, according to Head, residents are curious about the beast’s stomach contents also divide his stomach.

“How not surprised, imagine, in the belly of the crocodile was found there the body of a boy who had been missing since two days ago,” he said.

The bodies of human children, said Syafullah, witnessed by many residents with a pathetic condition, parts of his body mutilated.

“This incident was alarming many residents. Children who had been accustomed to bathing in the river, already forbidden by parents to avoid terkaman crocodile,” said Syafullah.

Explore some residents say, Rio Candra (14) previously had reportedly been missing since Saturday (31/12) and then when the River which divides the District of Kuala Merusi Indragiri with his father, Syahrudin to seek mangrove wood.

That day at around 17:00 pm, Rio is familiar with the fate of the ill-fated river, a giant crocodile came suddenly and violently grabbed her body.

His father who was beside him had reportedly witnessed the incident. Crocodile was eventually carried off the Rio.

(source: Yahoo News)