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Printers are often problematic when it’s getting old. Your job becomes stucked when you found the printer problem. There are some general problems that typically occurs on printers, such as paper jam, the problem of color in the printer, printer error, printer cartridge problems, printer spooling problems,  printer alignment problems and other problems. Let’s see. What are the problems with printers in general, and how to fix it.

1. Paper Jam.

Paper jam problem is the problem most often occurs on the printer. Causes the printer clock can be caused by various causes, such as dirty, wrong type of paper used, or damaged rollers that move the paper. Although cleaning the printer is often done, and using the correct paper has also been carried out, sometimes it still happens paper jam.

Whatever the cause, during a paper jam, pull the paper in the direction of the paper exit path, as if pulled backwards could damage the printer. Printers that holds the paper vertically frequent paper jams. Printer with such a model is not designed for intensive use, but many organizations that use this type of printer in stand-alone system.

2. Prints on Paper blurred.

The results of fuzzy mold usually occurs because the toner / ink printer is running out, the thickness of the print is too low, EconoMode printing is enabled. You can check with a self-test contained in the software utility & maintanance of each type of printer.

If EconoMode enabled, and users are complaining that the printout blurry, then disable and / or set a higher printing thickness. If the ink is running out, shake the ink cartridge so that more evenly can temporarily resolve the problem until you replace the cartridge.

3. Shaded.

The results of print work be shaded and can obviously due because of an electrical outlet that supplies uninterrupted power to the printer. Please check the electrical outlet by connecting another printer to see if similar problems arise. Or it could be caused by regular use of the spare part that is almost out of useful life (eg drum or imaging kit).

All spare parts have a lifetime basis for a particular paper. Once reaching the specified printer, you should immediately change the spare part is to remove the printer ghosting.

4. Toner faded.

If the print is smudged, possible causes are, the fuser is damaged or running out of useful life, the solution is to replace the fuser. Improving the fuser is not recommended because the fuser including spare parts and we do not have wasting time and energy to fix it.

Or it could be caused by the toner cartridge is damaged, resulting in too much toner is out. In black and white laser printers, the solution is to replace the toner cartridge. In the color laser printer, replace the cartridge is also problematic.

Or it could also be caused because there is a spill toner in the printer. If this is the case, then you should immediately clean it up.

5. Losing a driver for a particular operating system.

Once the new operating system was released, and is used on our computers, new drivers for existing printers will also be released. However, not all printers have drivers for every Operating System (OS). In this issue, it is best to refer to the printer manual and find what drivers could simulate the existing printer you have.

Although not all printer functions available at the time of the simulation, at least still used for printing. For example, most HP printers can still print with HP Laser Jet II, although certain options, such as duplexing can not be used.

6. Printing from the Paper Tray is wrong.

See the two places to fix this problem. First, look at the PC. Second, look at the printer. If the application is set to the wrong paper tray, you can fix it from within the application by clicking on the printer properties and look for tray selection options.

On the printer, make sure the paper size in paper tray is fit and right to those in the control panel.

7. Printers include all the papers at once in the Tray.

If the printer pulls many paper from the tray (more than one sheet), then most likely, the pad is responsible for separating the paper is damaged or needs to be replaced. You can order and install new pad without having to send the printer to the printer repair. In addition, this could be due to the wet paper due to moisture. Make sure the paper stored properly.