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We often wants to slow down the speed of the aging process. Who wants to get old faster? Looks like 99% the answer is no one. There are things that can make a face look older faster. Wherever possible you prevent things that could make you look older faster.

The aging process experienced by everyone. However, there are still many people who have not been willing to accept this reality. Moreover, if the aging process that happens before their time, or so-called premature aging. Entering a new age of 30 years, but around the eyes of existing fine lines that form wrinkles (crow’s feet). Corner of the lips, neck, or back of the hand, also has appeared wrinkles.

Basically, there are some things that cause us to age, or look older:

1. Biological clock, ie the aging process that occurs naturally with age.

This can not be avoided. When the skin becomes dull, dry, or more concave, because the skin is already losing its malleability.

2. Expression.

The more expressive a person, it becomes increasingly easy to skin thinning. Waves are seen on the skin more deeply, many, and elongated. You would never hear, people who often frown (either because of glare or are thinking hard), will make faster forehead wrinkles. People often laugh will make the folds of laughter (smiling lines) or bending the corner of his eye more clearly visible.

3. Certain habits.

Often we are not aware of having done a bad habit that makes us even wrinkled skin on one side only. For example, people who have a habit of sleeping sideways on one side only, usually cheek stuck to the pillow wrinkles faster. People who like to drink with a straw, or often smoked, lip muscles will tend to gravitate to the front.

“So also with people who like snacking, muscles are trained to chew it like a hard-harder than a soft chew,” said Dr. Olivia Ong, Dipl.AAAM, antiaging physician, when the talk show “Discover Your Potential Unknown Beauty” in her clinic in Hang Canal street area streaky, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Wednesday (23/11/2011).

In addition, poor sitting habits, such as often leaning or bending, will indirectly affect the future shape of your body posture.

4. Earth’s gravity.

The attraction of the earth to make the facial skin and other body parts to be pulled down, aka sag. Usually the fastest visible are the cheeks, folds under the chin, and of course the breast. So, do not be surprised when he realized the breast begin to slack (sagging).

5. Lifestyle.

You smokers and alcohol drinkers? Just so you know, toxins and free radicals contained in them can attack the skin cells, making skin a little slow to replace cells that die. This makes the skin dry quickly, wrinkles, and dull. “Lack of exercise, and diet (diet) is not so good also makes us get old,” said Olivia again.

But in a world of beauty technology has now made beauty experts were able to slow or cope with various symptoms of aging. For example, the injection procedure Botox or filler, which serves to reduce wrinkles and aging lines on the face, both of which are dynamic wrinkles (occurs when the expression) or static (visible even when the muscles are not contracting).

So, do not let your face look older faster than they should. Take care of your skin as well as possible, so you will be able to look beautiful and youthful look. Avoid things that have been mentioned above.