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A mother who was pregnant, had two choices in the process of labor, natural childbirth, or childbirth with surgery. Taking the decision to give birth process what that will be undertaken can be determined from the beginning of pregnancy, during pregnancy, or during delivery is imminent. There are good you know, the signs indicating that you can not perform normal birth. Signs that you can not give birth normally and had to do with the operation of the delivery process can be found in this article.

Choice in childbirth should be done so that mother and baby survived. That means that the choice of natural childbirth should not be imposed if the mother’s condition does not allow to perform the normal birth process. Safety of mother and baby are paramount. Do not get delivery of the selected process can endanger the lives of mother and baby.

Here we will discuss about the signs in pregnant women, indicating that she could not do the normal birth process:

1. Had a history of illness suffered.
A pregnant woman who had a history of diabetes, high blood pressure, high minus the eyes, make a mother should choose the delivery by cesarean section. Illness will be fairly high risk if the birthing process imposed by the process of normal childbirth for the mother or the baby.

2. Location and position of the fetus is abnormal.
Normal fetal position, on the eve of the birth is head down and feet above. The position should be straight to the place where the baby will come out, and will head out first. Abnormal fetal position such as breech, babies who were in the umbilical cord, face tilted position, the baby’s position is not straight, the percentage of baby’s buttocks and legs are not perfect, would make a pregnant woman should choose the birth process with surgery in order to maintain the safety of mothers and babies. Pelvic size pregnant women should also be considered too narrow, because it would complicate the process of discharge of the baby.

3. Never perform a cesarean section previously.
Actually a pregnant woman could have chosen the normal birth process, although previously he had done a cesarean section. However, it should be an intensive and further observations of a specialist. Distance should be considered before pregnancy by caesarean process, if too close (less than 2 years), it must be done again cesarean section. And usually, if a mother ever gave birth surgically, then the next deliveries will be advised again by surgery.

4. Troubled by the placenta.
Placental problems will hinder the normal birth process. The location of the placenta with problems such as wrapped around the baby, or a placenta that covers the birth canal, make a mother can not give birth normally. Never force this condition to be able to conduct normal deliveries, the risk is very large, can cause heavy bleeding, and endangering the life of the mother and baby.

5. Will have twins.
Stamina of a mother who will have twins should really excellent. He must have the stamina that is really strong if you want to undergo the normal birth process. Gave birth to a baby just needs extra energy to push, let alone two babies. It is feared that if not strong, eating will be tearing the wall of a large birth canal. This too would make a mother will experience heavy bleeding and high risk.

Signs that you can not give birth normally and should make the surgery process of delivery by the above should be considered carefully. Know your condition and your baby early in your pregnancy diligently checked routinely and regularly to a specialist. If the signs that you can not give birth normally above, are recognizable, then do the preparations that must be made to perform labor in the surgery. Whatever the decision of having a normal birth or choice of surgery, safety of mothers and baby is the main thing to note.