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These female athletes have become stars of world-class tennis. She is Maria Sharapova, a tennis player who achieved success by earning achievement as the highest income female athlete in the world.   Sharapova name occupies the first position among the list of names other athletes, who have highest earning female athlete in the world according to Forbes magazine.

Maria Sharapova may never again win the Grand Slam since 2008, but the Russian has remained the highest earning female athlete in the world.

Maria, as reported by Forbes magazine, earned $ 20 million. This amount is almost double that of world number one income now, Caroline Wozniacki, who earn ‘only’ U.S. $ 12.5 million.

The third position was occupied greatest female athletes earn the United States motorcycle racer Danica Patrick with pengahasilan about U.S. $ 12 million. Followed by American tennis player Venus Williams who earn U.S. $ 11.5 million.

As for China’s tennis player, Li Na, who won the Grand Slam after beating defending champion France Francesca Schiavone in the final last June was ranked the 8th with earnings of U.S. $ 8 million.

Here’s 10 highest earning female athlete by Forbes Magazine:

1. Maria Sharapova (Russia, tennis) U.S. $ 25 million
2. Caroline Wozniacki (Denmark, tennis) U.S. $ 12.5 million
3. Danica Patrick ((U.S, motor racing) U.S. $ 12 million
4. Venus Williams ((U.S., tennis) U.S. $ 11.5 million
5. Kim Clijsters (Belgium, tennis) U.S. $ 11 million
6. Serena Williams (U.S., tennis) U.S. $ 10.5 million
7. Kim Yuna (figure skating, South Korea) U.S. $ 10 million
8. Li Na (China, tennis) U.S. $ 8 million
9. Ana Ivanovic (Serbia, Tennis) U.S. $ 6 million
10. Paula Creamer (U.S., Golf) U.S. $ 5.5 million

It appears from a series of 10 names with the highest earning female athlete in the world above, Maria Sharapova is in the first position. She is Maria Sharapova who won the title Women athletes with the highest income in the world. Let’s wait another record breaker in the following years, who will replace Maria Sharapova as the position of the highest earning female athlete in the world.