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The magnetic field appears to influence the child’s physical condition. The statement has been examined by experts before. And more research results clearly indicate that magnetic fields can increase the risk of asthma for children. Let us read the following commentary about the statement “The magnetic field can increase the risk of asthma for children” is.

A study in the United States reveals a child who found her mother often use things that have a grid while pregnant have an increased risk of asthma.

Many previous studies have failed to show consistently that the use of electromagnetic fields that are too large from the grid, such as microwave equipment, hair dryers and vacuum cleaners harmful to human health.

“But a lot of research like this requires people to estimate their expression levels for several years,” says Dr. De Kun Li, senior researchers from Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, California.

To get a convincing answer, Dr Li’s plan called prospective studies, in which there are 801 pregnant women measured using the monitor on the floor of their magnetic field exposure for 24 hours. Similarly, as quoted Straits Times, Tuesday (08/02/2011).

The monitor measures the level of their exposure to low frequency magnetic fields that exist in electronic devices such as microwave, hair dryer, ceiling fan, coffee grinders and power lines. However, this monitor can not monitor the exposure to a higher rate and produced by mobile phones or cell phone towers.

Team of researchers used medical records for 13 years in girls. During follow-up note there are 130 children or 20.8 percent risk of developing asthma. Most of them diagnosed before the age of 5 years.

Then the researchers compared the levels of magnetic exposure during pregnancy to asthma risk in children. They found children who had mothers use electronic objects for 10 percent of the daily risk of 3.5 times more likely to develop asthma, compared to mothers who use electronic objects to the use of lower than 10 percent.

For the average population, Dr. Li added that the level of female children from exposure to the magnetic in the range of less than 10 percent in this study also will have a 13.6 percent risk of developing asthma. While women who have more exposure than that magnets have a 33 percent risk of causing asthma in children.

Although declared “The magnetic field can increase the risk of asthma for children”, but anyone can not avoid entirely, the use of objects that have the power network at the time was pregnant. Especially nowadays, various household items are practical to use much electricity. But at least to reduce the risk of asthma for children of the magnetic field, a mother who was pregnant, can minimize the use of tools that use the power grid.