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Measure Level and Power of Twitter and Blog

If you want to know how popular you are in your twitter account and blog, you can find out with the easy way. A web site provides free measurement software that can be used to determine and measure how much your impact on twitter and blogs for others in cyberspace. Let’s see how find out the level of twitter and blog on Internet easily.

Interested in knowing your level of influence or impact on Twitter and blogs? The device named TweetLevel and BlogLevel developed Edelman PR firm can help you.

Simply by opening a web site address Twitter account and typing the name in the fields, in 30 seconds analytical results will be obtained. This device can also be used to measure the influence of other account owners.

No need to first if the follower a bit pessimistic because the facts prove that the number of followers are not always comparable with the effect being created.

There are 4 things that indicated in the score, influence, popularity, engagement, and trust. Popularity measure of the number of followers, engagement, involvement of the account owner and his followers, while the trust measure of trust against the owner of the Twitter account.

“Unlike similar services that may only measure the degree of influence by the number of followers, TweetLevel consider other aspects,” said Deden Purnamadi, Manager of Edelman Digital 2.0 Tweetlevel when introduced on Thursday (07/28/2011) in Jakarta.

Some other aspects that are seen in the number of people who follow, follower and the following ratio, the total number of updates within 30 days, update within a certain period, the number and mention retweet. All treated with a specific formula that can be seen in TweetLevel.

In addition to launching TweetLevel, Edelman also launched BlogLevel, similar devices used to measure the influence of your blog. How to determine the effect was the same, just enter your account and immediately visible results.

These aspects are seen to measure the influence of certain blogs is the ease of looking at the blog search engines, many blogs link to other blogs as well as propagated in the number of blog content that is discussed in social media.

Both TweetLevel and BlogLevel has several advantages. Both use algorithm and 40 different metrics and are able to distinguish between those who initiated the original idea and the people who spread the idea.

Meanwhile, BlogLevel also take into account the discussions on other social media platforms and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Unlike other devices, BlogLevel rank the importance of anything discussed by the many posts on Twitter and optimized in search engines.

TweetLevel rank higher in people who are engaging in a conversation and send relevant content rather than personal views. TweetLevel can also be used to find the owner of the account of the most influential in a particular topic.

“Knowing who the influential bloggers and tweeps and understand those who influence them will help us to plan and measure campaigns effectively and provide intelligence information to our clients,” said Nanda Inevs, IndoPacific Edelman Digital Director.

Meanwhile, for the industry, said nanda, tweetLevel can help choose the right people to communicate its brand. “Because if you just select a popular origin but did not know about the brand, it’s useless. It will only be like advertising,” he said.

For personal, surely this device could be used to measure the effect. Of course it is possible to increase the influence of the desired topic. Thereafter, may be willing to sell the tweet as some celebrities or selebblog?

That’s how to measure power of twitter and blog. Meanwhile, Social Networking Google Plus and Facebook Compete and you can find out Why Are So Many Facebook Users Switch to Google Plus?, you can measure the power of your twitter account and blog on the internet. Quite easy right how the way to know the level of twitter and blog on the internet? You just have to visit the site and fill a few data that must be filled, without having to download any software first. By knowing and measuring how much your impact  on twitter and blog, you can develop further strategies to improve the level of your impact on twitter and blogs on the internet. Good luck!