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Almost all countries in the world using the internet access. Every country has the ability in a variety of Internet access, there are able to access quickly and some are slow. Asia has dominated the list of 10 countries with the fastest Internet access in the world. If you want to know the list of 10 countries have fastest internet access in the world, here are the list of 10 countries have fastest internet access.

10 countries that have access to the fastest in the world:

10. Iceland, 18.62 Mb / s
Iceland is a small but rich country, an area of ??103,000 km2 with a population of approximately 317,900 inhabitants. Icelandic society developed with advanced technology. Iceland’s most free press in the world. Technological advances Iceland one of them is the availability of fast internet access is 18.62 Mb / s. One town in Iceland has a fiber optic network to every citizen who access the internet the first in the world. Wow. Iceland’s leading internet provider is Vodafone, BTNet, Hive, Siminn.

9. Andorra, 19:18 Mb / s
Andorra is a country that has an area of ??468 km2 with a population of only around 84 thousand inhabitants. This allows Internet users are not so many, but the internet facility available is very satisfying and one of the fastest of 19:18 Gb / s. Internet services in Andorra on hold by a single telecommunications company serving the Andorra Telecom exclusively and professionally. Andorra is still using ADSL for Internet access providers. But this time in metropolitan areas are already using fiber optic Andorra home to home. And planned in the year 2010 throughout the region Andorra switch to fiber optics with a speed of 100 Mb / s.

8. Sweden, 21:44 Mb / s
Sweden has about 9.4 million inhabitants occupying an area of ??449,964 km2. Sweden is a developed country that has a lot of inventors, one of them is Lars Magnus Ericsoon, inventor of the communications field and up to now in use as a brand name of mobile telecommunications products is Sony Ericsoon. Advances in technology in Sweden is supported by the fast internet access is 21:44 Mb / s. Sweden uses a broadband cable connection to every home and ADSL to 60 Mbit / s. Held by the company’s internet service provider Com Hem is the largest cable.

9. Republic of Moldova, 23:05 Mb / s
Republic of Moldova occupies an area of ??33,843 km2 and a population of about 3.5 million inhabitants. Moldova became one of the countries with the fastest Internet access is 23:05 Mb / s. Development of the Internet in Moldova is very fast in the last 10 years. Almost there are 40 ISPs in Moldova. But there are only two major companies that serve Internet access is Moldtelecom (MTC) and StarNet. Moldova is actually including nations that are less developed in Europe, but the means of internet and telecommunications a priority in this republic. Because Moldova has laws that regulate Internet networks. In the law mandates that development of the Internet in Moldova should be equivalent to other European countries.

6. Netherlands, 23:17 Mb / s
The Netherlands is a country located in continental Europe, with an area of ??41,526 km2 and population of around 17 million inhabitants. The Netherlands has a fast internet access in the EU, namely 23:17 Mb / s. Almost all houses in the Netherlands have access to cable internet or 92% of the Dutch population. The Netherlands has five ISPs. All of these ISPs are in a national telecommunications company, KPN.

5. Romania, 24.45 Mb / s
Romania is located in Europe, with a population of around 22 million inhabitants and an area of ??237,500 km2. Romania has the speed internet 24.45 Mb / s, the fastest in Europe. ISP companies in Romania are many and varied ranging from dial-up access, cable model, fiber optic, wireless, xDSL to the satellite. With many ISPs, then the competition will be more stringent and ISP providers are encouraged to continue to improve their best.

4. Lithuania, 25.8 Mb / s
Lithuania occupies an area 65 200 km2 with a population of around 3.3 million people. Lithuania is a small country with internet access one of the fastest 25.8 Mb / s. There are 32 companies listed ISP provider. ADSL service provider in a monopoly by Teo LT, nevertheless provided excellent service and quick. Lithuania has the Internet with fiber-optic connections to the home of the highest in Europe.

3. Latvia, 25.81 Mb / s
Latvia has a population of about 2.3 million people occupying an area of ??64,589 km2. Latvia Internet access is 25.81 Mb / s is the fastest in Northern Europe. Development of the Internet in Latvia grew rapidly along with the supported rules made in order to improve service. Regulations that benefit the public who access the internet one of which is to lower tariffs dial-up access, high speed ADSL service but at an affordable price. As well as the proliferation of e-commerce in Latvia that drives more and more Internet users.

2. Aland Island, 26.14 Mb / s
Aland Islands are islands in the territory of Finland, with an area of ??13,517 km2 and a population of 27,700 inhabitants. Not much information is obtained on this island nation. Aland Islands have internet access in the world’s second fastest, 26.14 Mb / s. Internet Code  Aland Islands is .ax.

1. South Korea 39.60 Mb / s
South Korea not only advanced in the economy but also in all areas, including Internet services. South Korea occupies an area of ??98,480 km2 and population of nearly 50 million inhabitants. South Korean government’s commitment to facilitate citizens with internet connection is very high. Even South Korea has begun using VDSL, although still a lot of ADSL users and for companies already use fiber-optic network. Velocity reaches 39.60 Mb / s is the fastest in the world. Internet users in South Korea generally prefer to subscribe to a package of cable TV. Best of the world’s fastest access, cheap rates. As an example of household Internet users in South Korea is 12 mb / s and charged at 25,000 Won or equivalent to Rp. 250,000.

List of countries with the slowest Internet access in the world:

They are, who have the highest speed internet access countries in the world. South Korea still holds the record and was first ranked in the order of the list of countries with the fastest Internet access in the world. Representatives have high-speed Internet will certainly affect the satisfaction of Internet users. Slow Internet certainly become an obstacle in your work or other activities.