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Fans of games would often hunt for information about what the latest games that will appear. This time, the latest Star Wars game will be ready to be released in the near future. Previously, told the news about game of Guitar Hero Games Will Coming Back and Angry Bird Online Game Will be Made Into a Movie, then turn the news about the launch of this latest Star Wars game that will be discussed. Apart from the latest series of games that will soon be gliding like Battlefield 3, Sims Pet, the latest Star Wars game is one that is eagerly anticipated by lovers of the game in the world.

Game publisher Electronic Arts (EA) was eagerly awaiting the launch of a number of popular game titles ahead of the upcoming Christmas holidays, especially the ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic‘.

“I think this season will be exciting for EA because we have a large number of game titles to be released,” said the head of European sales and distribution, Jens Uwe Intat.

Official launch date of the last game was not confirmed by the EA. However Intat hope the game can be introduced to the public before the Christmas holiday. “Many people are already signed up our newsletter and web page so we expect quite a lot in this game,” he said.

EA hopes that the online game was first announced in 2008 and then was able to compete with the popularity of ‘World of Warcraft’ owned by Activision Blizzard, which currently has 12 million subscribers.

Intat claims that EA has issued more than $ 100 million to develop Star Wars, as reported by Reuters on Monday (8/15/2011).

Several other games are also scheduled to be released by EA include ‘Battelfied 3’ (shooting), ‘Need for Speed’ (race) and ‘Sims Pet’ (simulation).

In addition, EA will also launch the latest version of FIFA. Despite the end of September will be marketed, Intat claims that EA has received a lot of orders earlier than previous games. Unfortunately, he did not mention exactly how many pre-orders already submitted consumer.

Product games from Electronic Arts (EA) is already reached a high enough value for the public interest. No wonder, if the launch of the latest Star Wars game has also been anticipated by connoisseurs of the game in the world community. Proved to have acquired a lot of incoming orders. Just wait for the presence of the latest Star Wars games in the near future, you’ll soon be able to enjoy it.