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A pretty and sexy artist, Jennifer Lopez is now divorced. The news failed marriages artist who is often referred to as J.Lo is sticking straight in the media. Jennifer Lopez was then willing to talk about their divorce. How is the full story revealed by the narrative about the divorce from Jennifer Lopez, follow the news below.

7-year marriage ended. Renowned singer, Jennifer Lopez, reportedly chose to separate from her husband, Marc Anthony. The news was widely reported since their divorce last month.

After a tumultuous divorce news, J.Lo-Jennifer-call – finally go to vote on the issue of the magazine Vanity Fair September 2011. “I’ve tried hard to defend, both of us. But it is not going well and it’s sad,” says J.Lo.

Many reports said Marc, who is also a musician, a husband is jealous and likes to control, to the extent that he determines what is appropriate clothing worn his wife. J. Lo does not justify it, but obviously she was not happy anymore with her marriage.

“Sometimes we do not realize that we have to compromise with yourself. To understand if the person is not good for you,” she said. “If I survive, then I do not do what is right for me. I love myself enough to leave it all now.”

J. Lo and Marc Anthony were married in June 2004. Anthony’s second marriage took place as recently divorced former Miss Universe, Dayanara Torres, while J. Lo has just broken up with her fiance, Ben Affleck. From this marriage, they have two twins, Max and Emme, who are 3 years old.

Although her marriage failed, this 42-year star will never forget the good times with Marc, including the fact that their twins Emme and Max, are the result of that togetherness. “I will always appreciate Marc as a singer and companion,” she said. “He will be obtaining in our lives. He will always have special place in my heart, as the father of my children,” she said.

Jennifer Lopez marriage must now be ended. Who would not want to fail in marriage, of course J.Lo also wants them durable and perfect marriage. But apparently, they love traveling not say so. Jennifer Lopez must give up their marriage ended by reason of their own until they have to disband.