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Guitar Hero is one of the perennial favorite game for game lovers around the world. Some time ago, the game Guitar Hero is stopped. Do you know if this time, Game Guitar Hero Will Coming Back in the near future. Guitar Hero games will Coming Back fill your time to be played. This is good news for you fans of Guitar Hero Games.

Guitar Hero retired five months, the game developer Activision reportedly is preparing to breathe new on the iconic game.

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick leaked the plans to Forbes, as quoted in T3, Friday (07/22/2011). In fact, last February Activision decided to no longer launch the franchise one of the most popular games.

Activision claims that the game music continues to lose prestige over the last few years, so that they will remove the Guitar Hero business units and no longer continue development of this game in 2011.

But Activision seems to have begun to re-think about such decisions. “We were not really trying to understand the behavior of the audience,” said Kotick.

“We will return to the studio and use the new studio to recreate the Guitar Hero games. That’s what we’re doing today,” he said.

Discourse to revive Activision Guitar Hero certainly would welcome the lovers of the game. As one of the world’s most popular game, Activision’s decision to end the creation of Guitar Hero in February and then instantly become one trending topic on Twitter with hashtag # RIPGuitarHero.

If you are one of the game Guitar Hero players who now misses this game, look forward to returning presence of the latest Guitar Hero game. Activision is rumored to be bring back the game Guitar Hero for his fans.