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A giant catfish recently discovered in Spain. This discovery follows several discoveries catfish of jumbo size before. This giant Catfish is a albino catfish. This giant Albino Catfish was discovered by someone who was fishing on a fishing tour. Let’s look at how the whole story about Giant Albino Catfish discovery by Fisher.

A giant albino catfish discovered by Chris Grimmer on the River Ebro, near Barcelona, Spain. This fish broke the record as the largest albino catfish caught by fishing.

At that time, Chris followed a fishing tour. Initially, he did not expect the fish to bite-sized giant. Chris takes about 30 minutes to roll the rod string after that he threw the bait fish struck by this.

“It took a long time to pull it, like pulling a bus,” said Chris as the page loaded the Daily Mail.

“After that, I was very tired and could barely walk, but not in vain.”

Catfish were then weighed. Apparently, it weighs about 88 kg with a length of 2.4 meters. After weighing, the fish is then released back into rivers.

Meanwhile, the guide who organized the tour, Ashley Scott said it was convinced the catch had been a record-breaking biggest catfish by means of fishing. “We know the record catfish, so we immediately realized that it was a record,” said Scott.

Record for the largest albino catfish caught previously held by Sheila Penfold from London, England. He caught a catfish weighing 86 kilograms albino in October last year.

However, the biggest catfish ever caught in the face of the earth is a giant catfish weighing 293 kg. This fish was caught in the Mekong River, Thailand in 2005.

Giant catfish albino surpass the size of the giant catfish that has been found previously. The discovery of giant albino catfish has also broke the world record with the most big and heavy weight. Although this giant catfish released back into their habitat, but maybe you will see the presence of catfish it back when you are fishing at the fishing spot there. 🙂 Read our another newest discovery  article on “Discovery of Apes Fossil 20 Million Years Old“.