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Various fossil discoveries increasingly in recent years. Including now the discovery of apes fossil 20 million years old. The discovery of apes fossil 20 million years old have been found by a scientist. This new fossil discovery also adds to knowledge of the history of the origins of monkeys. Then, who found this apes fossil 20 million years old?

French scientists and Uganda have managed to find a fossil ape skull tree climbers aged 20 million years in the Karamoja region, Uganda.

Scientists found the skeletal remains are on July 18 last when searching for fossils of the volcano is not active in Karamoja, which is semi-arid regions in the northeast corner of Uganda.

“This is the first time that a complete skull of an ape era have been found. This is a very important fossil,” says Martin Pickford, a paleontologist at the College de France in Paris, told Reuters on Wednesday (03/08/2011).

Pickford also added the beginning of a fossil study showed that the herbivore tree climber when he died 10 years ago, has a head size as a chimpanzee, but his brain about the size of a baboon or ape.

Bridge Senut, a professor at the Musee National d’Histoire Naturelle, stating that the fossil remains will be brought to Paris to investigated using X-rays and documented before being returned to Uganda.

“This fossil will be cleaned in France, will then be studied in France and then in some time approximately one year will be returned to Uganda,” said Senut.

Uganda youth minister for tourism, wildlife and heritage said the skull was a distant cousin of the Apes Hominidea fossils.

The discovery of fossil apes 20 million years old is a discovery process that has gone through several tests conducted by several scientists. Fossil apes 20 million years old was also listed in the history of the origin of the ape in antiquity. See other unique discovery in the article : Giant Albino Catfish Discovery by a Fisher.