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Someone who likes to play games often spend their time playing games for long time. In fact, no less than those who forget to eat and forget the other routines that must be done such as eating, bathing, drinking, and sleeping. Did you know that the habit of lingering playing games can cause blood clots? What is the reason? Let’s look together, how the factors and influences linger playing games can make the blood freeze in your body. Apparently, dangers linger playing games is can cause the blood clots.

Playing games is fun and enough to make anyone forget the time. However, you should restrict such activities. Sitting in the same position for too long can lead to blood clots and inflammation of the veins.

One of the victims of blood clots or deep vein thrombosis / DVT is a 20-year-old game player who died after a marathon playing games. According to the autopsy report he died of clogged arteries in the lungs.

The main danger of deep venous thrombosis in the body is to release some blood clots which involved blood flow upward and lodge in blood vessels in the lungs called pulmonary embolism. Blood clots also can be life threatening if lodged in the brain because it will trigger a stroke.

Complications that are annoying but not dangerous blockages in veins with persistent leg swelling. The treatment is done is warming the affected area, removal of the foot, and the use of anti-inflammatory drugs. It could be also required hospital treatment.

The condition was widely experienced by those who long lay in bed for example patient surgery or paralyzed, sitting too long on the trip by car or plane can also trigger DVT. That’s why it is advisable to take breaks and walk around stretch my legs while in the vehicle.

“It’s not healthy if the children spend most of his time playing games. Play games are fun but once we played it very difficult to stop. They do not realize it could kill them,” said David Staniforth, whose son died from DVT.

Before the collapse, Staniforth complained weakened heartbeat. David mentions that his son could spend his time playing games up to 12 hours every day.

Stanifort Death is not the first case. In 2005, players games from South Korea also died after playing games three consecutive days without a break.

That’s a little about how the factors and influences linger playing games can make the blood freeze in your body. There is a good idea to reduce the time you play the game so that your health is maintained. Make it a habit to play the game just to fill spare time and eliminate boredom. That way, you need not linger to play games that can cause blood clot in your body right?