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Competition in the world of mobile technology continues to increase. Every mobile phone manufacturers competing to improve the quality as well as cell phone technology. The best camera phones of Europe 2011 is the Xperia Arc. Xperia Arc as the best camera phones of Europe 2011-2012 is in compliance with the terms and conditions as the winner based on specified criteria.

Two-line phone from Sony Ericsson Xperia output successfully awarded the EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association) Award for 2011-2012 for the European Camera Phone cell phone Xperia Arc Smartphone arc and 2011-2012 for the European Green mini Xperia phone.

EISA or the European Imaging and Sound Association is an association consisting of 50 specialized magazines from 19 European countries, forming the most prestigious multimedia magazines association in the world. Commonly known as the European EISA Awards, every year in June the chief editors of 50 magazines meet to decide what products are worthy of winning the EISA Award.

For information, EISA Awards include six categories: Audio, Video, Home Theatre, Photography, In-Car Electronics and Mobile Devices.

“We are very proud of our achievements both phones Xperia EISA Awards 2011-2012 in the event this time. After a year earlier X10 mini Xperia phones we won the title of European Mobile Phone 2010-2011, we are pleased to be able to maintain the existence of the Sony Ericsson in a very prestigious award this, “said Head of Marketing at Sony Ericsson Indonesia Ben Padley through its official statement on Friday (08/19/2011).

“Camera Phone 2011-2012 European title for the Xperia arc is a recognition of the innovations that apply the technology Sony Ericsson Mobile BRAVIA Engine and Sony’s Exmor R sensors. While the title of European Green Xperia Smartphone 2011-2012 for the mini is a special award for us because it is associated with Sony Ericsson’s commitment in preserving the environment which we apply through GreenHeart portfolio, “he added.

One of the official quotation of the EISA jury about the Xperia arc as mentioned, “With a thickness of 8.7 millimeters at the most thin, Xperia arc is a super-slim phone with an attractive design and very easy to put into your pocket.”

“8.1 megapixel camera was designed to use R from Sony’s Exmor sensor that can produce detailed images even in low light conditions. This is a phone that runs Android v2.3 with a 1GHz processor. It provides micro HDMI output that is not only can be used for viewing videos and pictures in the phone, but can also reflect what is visible on the screen to your television, “he added.

Meanwhile, a quote from EISA jury about the Xperia mini among others, “(Phones) Mirec recycled by SIMS Recycling Solutions, the company’s repair and recycling of electrical and electronic equipment in the world’s largest, clearly shows that when dealing with chemical analysis, Xperia mini from Sony Ericsson has the best value. Despite its compact size and weight, Xperia mini green category is clearly the winner in the mobile market today. “

Xperia Arc has earned the accolade as the best camera phones of Europe 2011-2012. Sony Ericsson’s glorious achievement is becoming one of pride in their mobile products. Congratulations to the winners!