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The assets are usually derived in the form of inheritance to their offspring, child, grandchild, or other desired lineage. However, the estate could have come down to someone who no lineage to them. There are even unique things about inheritance, some celebrities choose their pets to be heirs. Who are 5 Celebrities who choose pets to receive their inheritance or who are 5 Celebrity Choosing Their Pets Become Heir?

It is common for someone to make a will and gave his possessions to the family or anyone else who cared. But, be extraordinary if the estate with a great value it was given to pets.

Reporting from the pages of The Frisky, Saturday, July 30, 2011, following a row of celebrities doing things that could be called “crazy” it. They provide a legacy fund hundreds of millions of dollars for his favorite animal.

1. Alexander McQueen
This fashion icon bequeathed funds of about U.S. $ 82,000, or about 820 million dollars for the third dog juice, Callum, and Minter. These funds will be used for the cost of care the dogs until they die.

2. Simon Cowell
Creator of the show American Idol and X-Factor is rumored to be leaving his fortune valued at more than U.S. $ 200 million for his poodle.

3. Leona Helmsley
He bequeathed a fortune of U.S. $ 12 million to her dog, Trouble. In fact, she just bequeathed funds of about U.S. $ 5 million for the second grandson. The funds were used so that the dog will be there when the animal died. He wants Trouble be buried alongside her in a lavish funeral.

4. Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore inherit a lot of money as an expression of gratitude to his dog, Flossie, for having saved his life, also her fiance, Tom Green. One day, the houses they live fire and the dog that woke them up so that Drew and Tom could have survived the deadly incident. Drew bequeathed funds of about U.S. $ 300 million. Unfortunately, Flossie died first in 2010. So, we will never know whether it will remain to be implemented or not.

5. Oprah Winfrey
Oprah to write a will to inherit his wealth worth U.S. $ 30 million. He had lost a few dogs in the past year, but he had enough money to purchase a new dog to bequeath property which he had many.

Giving legacy to the pets is quite unique. They have their own reasons why they prefer their pets to receive their inheritance. Anything above a row of celebrities have chosen their pets to receive their inheritance in abundance.