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Game Angry Birds

Your Angry Bird Online Game Will be on Movie — Game Angry Birds are well known by gamers in the world. Interest both to the angry bird online game communities, or angry bird game for pc is also quite high. No wonder if now, angry bird online game of your favorite game, will be made into a movie. Angry bird will feature interesting stories in the movie, which is not less thrill with previous movies that taken from another games before.

Rovio, application developers games ‘Angry Birds’, seems serious about wanting to ‘catapult’ birds to the big screen. Former Marvel Studios executives, David Meisel, was approached to serve as special adviser to Rovio.

As quoted from, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Rovio, Mikael Hed, says Meisel interested in Marvel’s success in developing brand company that produces comics like “Spider-man”, “X-Men”, and “Iron Man” .

Rovio hope to develop brand “Angry Birds” more independent, more creative, and financially successful.

In addition, the Rovio will focus makes “Angry Birds” into a broader franchise business. From the application games, action various characters fierce bird is also expected to appear in the form of animated short films, television series, and merchandise.

Currently, the application of games ‘Angry Birds‘ has been downloaded more than 250 million times since its launch in 2009.

Maisel will direct the Rovio in running its entertainment strategy. Meisel has done talks with a number of script writers and directors. The plan, Meisel will be executive producer of the movie ‘Angry Birds’.

“There has been much talk about the movie ‘Angry Birds‘, but will now become a reality. The process has already begun at this time,” said Meisel told Variety.

Rovio itself is very confident with Meisel. In fact, Meisel equated with George Lucas by Rovio CEO, Mikael Hed.

“Two people I know, the ‘out’ of the studio system and build a significant entertainment business and make inroads in the film world. That became our inspiration, in addition to George Lucas, David (Meisel) is the best person that we hope can deal with , “said Hed.

Games ‘Angry Birds’ own story about a group of angry birds because their eggs were stolen hordes of green pig. They then attack and destroy the green pigs that make their way slingshot bullets, to be thrown into the headquarters of the green pig.

Angry Birds” will probably be a pioneering film adaptation of the games on mobile applications. Previously, the games are appointed to the film is successful games on the video games console or arcade machine.

But, not many movies are taken from games that can be successful in the market. A number of film-inspired games like “Mario Bros”, “Street Fighter”, “Double Dragon”, “Final Fantasy”, “Silent Hill”, also “Tekken”, accounting for sag in the market.

Is Rovio will be successful display different characters fierce birds to the hearts of movie lovers? Certainly not an easy task for David Meisel.

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