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Successful Marriage Tips, Stay as Still Dating — Maintain harmonious atmosphere of the household in a marriage must be performed. You need to get the save marriage tips or successful marriage tips for keeping your marriage relationships in order to remain as still dating. In this article I will discuss about the tips for a Successful marriage, taken from several sources. Let’s take a look together and understand about a happy marriage tips for you.

When was dating, couples are usually more affectionate. But at the age of marriage is quite long, sometimes they missing the atmosphere of dating. Differences in the nature of each individual is often triggered fights and makes the household uncomfortable.

If our sense of belonging to something big, then it usually comes overprotective nature. Similarly happens in marriage. Level of ownership will be greater than when we’re together.

Moreover, wives or spouses who have emotional, soul, and body; should require ‘care’ more serious and intense than if you have a car.

There are easy ways that you can apply in your household. Some steps that can be tried and endeavored to keep your marriage stay as still dating :

1. Create opportunities. If not scheduled a date, maybe you will never have time alone. Make time every day goods 20 minutes.

2. Give a surprise. So that married life is not monotonous, you need to be creative. Try to make pleasant surprises and romantic.

3. Play together. Couples who have similar interests and hobbies, long-term benefit of marriage. Why not do together?

4. Turn on the atmosphere. Chatting and laughing together the couple is important, because it makes you feel comfortable and close to one another. Do it as often as possible.

5. Listen to him. If your partner is angry because he felt ignored when talking, maybe it’s true. So stop your busy life and listen until you understand what he wanted to express.

6. Focus your feelings. The quarrel usually begins with an attack of sorts, “You’re ridiculous!” Or, “You’re always late!” Why not say, “I’m nervous because you do not know where. If you tell your position, it is very helpful and I so know where to reach you. “

7. Change yourself first. You should be able to control your own attitude and behavior rather than oversee the mistakes made by the couple. Usually if one changes the other will follow.

8. Start small. If you are every day can reduce a deed which worsen the relationship, you do great things.

9. Stop attacking each other. Once sharp-tongued, can remove 20 times the kindness you have ever done. So stop attacking each other.

10. Stop blaming each other. Remember that by pointing a finger at your partner, you are actually at least the middle three fingers pointing towards yourself. After all you both have a stake and responsibility.

11. Kissing is like when you were dating. How busy your life as well as a husband, do not forget to spend 5 minutes to share a hot kiss with her husband. Therefore, the warm feeling generated will make your day more meaningful and husband. In moments of kissing, you and he can also share their commitment.

12. Talking to a partner like he was your first love. The husband is the man you marry, not the stranger who bumped into your body to fall on the road. So, pay attention to the tone and the way you talk to him; with respect, kindness, and mutual understanding. When discussing the problem, take time until you are ready to finish it properly.

13. No more “call me”, but “we”. Stop using the term “I”, the marriage should be only ‘us’. A study of 154 couples who change the “I” to “we” acted more positively toward each other as well as stress levels are much reduced. This is because the word ‘we’ reflect togetherness.

14. Mutual respect. Thanking every husband do indicate whether you appreciate his actions. The speech focused on what he had done, “Thank you, dear, dinner is delicious!”.

15. Teasing each other. Do you remember the happiness in the early marriage; flirting, ogling each other, and intimate contact? Do that again, because the researchers found these activities are capable of being lightweight amplifier connection.

16. Spoiled wake up every morning. The best way to start the day is spoiled the moment of fun. Set your alarm five minutes earlier to enjoy the warmth of hugs and kisses husband before getting intimate affairs of troubled children and jobs.

17. Tell your husband, he’s on your mind. No matter whatever husband he is, he would bend the knees when you say he’s always there in your mind. Men act like little surprises, such as through a naughty text message while sending your photo that is using his favorite shirt.

The above tips can help you maintain solid relationships in your household. Points above are a healthy marriage tips and happy marriage tips that will guide your behavior in your marriage, so that you and your partner understand each other and stay in tune. Save marriage tips above is not hard to do if you want to change your attitude. By applying the those tips for a happy marriage, we will create a comfortable atmosphere and fun in your marriage. Loved ones and keep the best possible marriage as you are still dating. 🙂