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Google create a new breakthrough again. Google is now launching a new weapon in grabbing people’s interest in social networking in cyberspace that is with Google + (Plus Google). Google’s biggest competitor is Facebook, which could reach 716 million members. Facebook presence to dominate the entire social networks that exist today. Below we’ll talk about the comparison between Facebook and Google Plus (Google +).

Once I noticed, it turns out Google Plus it looks like Facebook. But there is a difference in appearance between them. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Both have a similarity of features, such as status updates, uploading photos, sharing, chat, comment, like, and others that are similar.

But unfortunately, this Google + users are still limited by invitation only, not the whole community can enjoy it. However, it was the achievement of the number of members in two weeks is enough jump and has reached 10 million users. Google has previously tried their luck with the launch of Google’s Buzz and Google Wave. But they did not get a satisfactory outcome achievement enthusiasts, and even considered a failure.

People are much more easily using  this Google plus, because people had already been familiar with the interface of Facebook as social networks already exist earlier. So it will not be too difficult to adapt to Google Plus.

Let’s see the comparison between Facebook and Google Plus (Google +):

1. Appearance.

Google Plus Interface Performance

Facebook Interface Performance






 The appearance of the facade of Google Plus and Facebook are almost identical. You can compare with image above.

2. Friendships

Google Plus Circle Friends Interface

Facebook Friends Interface







Concept used by Google Plus in grouping your friends be superior than Facebook. The concept is taken by Google Plus in this friendship is to classify every person associated with you in a circle. So you can choose to anyone information and updates can be included in Google’s vast and can be shared. This circular arrangement is shown with an interesting animatif effect.
Thus, setting friendship in Google Plus more simple than friendship on Facebook.

3. Media chat

Google Plus Huddles Chat Interface

Facebook Chat Interface







Chat feature in Google Plus is called Google + Huddle. You can chat in groups, more than one person. While the Facebook chat has not been able to do group chats like those of Google + Huddle.

Google Plus Hangout Video Chat Interface

Facebook Video Chat Interface







Google named its video chat feature called Google + Hangout. You can meet directly with 10 different people at the same time. People are talking automatic drawing will be enlarged by itself. You can leave a message through a video message.  Facebook, now just working with Skype to make video chat feature, its called Facebook Video Call, which allows facebook users to each other face to face.  (See on another article about Latest Facebook Features : Facebook Video Call)

4. Photo Collection

Google Plus Photo Interface

Facebook Photo Interface






The process of uploading photos in Facebook and Google Plus equally easy. You can also select a photo with Android device that has been synchronized with your Google account to be distributed on Google Plus. In Google’s collection of photos Plus, you can view images in greater detail than on Facebook. Here you can see the details of the camera used, exposure, aperture, focal length, ISO speed, exposure bias, to the use of flash. You can also put effects on your photos using photo editing options on Google Plus. While on Facebook, you can not see the complete picture detail, and also can not edit photos.

5. Like Button

Like Button Google Plus Interface

Like Button Facebook Interface






From status to the site, start photos to video, you can mark it with “like” signs , well in Google Plus as well as on Facebook.
Like button on Google Plus: Press once to indicate like, and press once again to remove the like sign.
Like button on Facebook: Press once to signify the like, and press the “Unlike” button to remove the like signs.

In fact, reportedly, according to reports TechCrunch, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has also joined Google Plus.

According datacomscore, in May this year, as many as 180 million people visited Google sites including YouTube. The Facebooker on average spend 375 minutes. As for Google visitors only spend 231 minutes.

And now, the Social Networking Google Plus and Facebook start to compete. Interested in new social networking Google Plus (Google +)? Get google plus invite from your relationship. Many people are curious to have an account in Google Plus, but now people can only enjoy it with the invitation first. We’ll see the next development, Google plus + may soon be enjoyed by all people easily like facebook.