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Simple SEO Starter Guide Tips  — Starting to work with SEO is often perceived quite difficult sometimes. Determining what should be done first, often making the bloggers confused. A blog or a site owner would do SEO with its primary purpose is to increase visitor traffic. SEO made simple your goals can be achieved. You can start your SEO work to read and understand first some simple SEO tips or SEO starter guide that will guide you in doing SEO. Perform SEO optimization tips below.

Various discussion about SEO is very much available on the internet. “SEO tips optimazation” keyword be the keyword of the most sought-after by the bloggers. Moreover, keywords SEO tips for beginners. Many SEO beginners who are looking for information about SEO as much as possible.

Below are 6 techniques of SEO basics guide who becomes simple SEO tips for you. But before that first know two types of SEO techniques globally follows:

There are two types of SEO techniques is often done. Black hat SEO and white hat SEO.

1. What is black hat SEO?
Black hat SEO is a way that gives a different page of that requested by the search engines with pages to be displayed to visitors. This last method is known as cloaking. For example, when visiting a website, you are often carried away by the links here and there, which is not a proper link destination. So you have alternating click the link that fixed again issued a list of links.

2. What is white hat SEO?
White hat SEO is the safest technique in search engine optimization, because the white hat SEO is a way of optimization for purposes that do not violate traffic rules and regulations of the search engine on the internet. This technique is more honest and transparent. Although this technique will be more difficult in achieving a high traffic, but this is the safest way to deal with any search engine. Visitors do not mess around with clicking on links that are confusing and do not hit the target.

In essence, the difference in these two ways of SEO is simply the speed, fast or slow. But SEO tips for google, google search engine much like the way slower than the instant way.

Now, we return to the topic “9 basics of SEO techniques” that will guide a simple SEO tips for beginners.

1. Which better, new or old domain domain?
To occupy the top positions in search engines, Google prefers the old domain. But it is not possible a new domain could also occupy the top position on a keyword. That could happen. But it will make Google suspicious of what you do until your new website can  occupy top positions, it could be google will think your site as spam.
Advice: Well to facilitate the work of SEO, you should buy a domain that has been aged more than 6 months. In various forums, or the site domain sellers, many of which provide a domain that already has aged, just try searching appropriate domain for your choice.

2. Never use the “most wanted” keyword
The main reason the statement is that you will be very difficult to occupy the top position. Keywords that are most sought, there must have been dominated by large-site who are already occupying the top positions in search engines.
Advice: Use tools for SEO, such as “Google’s External Keyword” to detect keywords that are not too many people looking, but right on target. Thus, you do SEO, you are not troubled by the other competitors are already perched on the top position.

3. Do not use too much Flash
Google has a spider frequent visitor to any site, whether large or small. Google spider often check what the contents of a website. But the weakness is, google spiders can not read and detect the flash animation.
Advice: Do not use too much flash. If too much use of flash, then the google spider will be difficult to read Title, Meta Tags and Description your website. Use HTML and PHP languages ??compact. Lot of site which already provides many CMS (Content Management System) that offers convenience, such as Joomla, WordPress, Blogger.

4. Get a quality backlink.
Getting backlinks is one way of important things to do in SEO optimization. Then you are preoccupied by the effort into getting backlinks as much as possible with the blind, to get lots of backlinks to your website. It is important to remember, you get a backlink to be a quality backlink.
Advice: Find a site that can give you a backlink to your website, which does not content a lot of sites, or its called Linkfarm.

5. Use keywords in the title.
You are required to use targeted keywords in the content, so you can do SEO optimazation who hit the target.
Advice: The keyword, must be presented on the title, not just on content.

6. Your file should contain keywords.
The use of keywords must be present not only in content and title. Keywords in your file are also useful for SEO affairs.
Advice: In creating the file, note the SEO side, too. Indirectly, the file can support the success of your SEO, and could be the right keywords for your SEO.

7. Never change the file.
In creating the file, do not change the file. Suppose you make a post, then you change your mind to change the title. That’s so fatal action that will thwart your SEO work. Why is that? If the files you have entered in the list of search indexes in the search engines, then you change your post title or the file, then you might as well kill the traffic that is already built into your website.
Advice: Never change the file name or title of post. If it should be done, just empty, or fill with new content. So it will not cause error pages when visitors visit your url which already indexed by search engines.

8. Make sure your hosting is stable.
Marketers often have problems with this. Google will not provide a link on a website on the visitors, if your site was offline (not accessible).
Advice: Choose a stable hosting for your website. If hosting is often drop, then it would greatly interfere with your SEO work. And certainly, your visitor traffic would decrease drastically.

9. Do not be too imposing excessive SEO.
With regard to point number 4, sometimes you as the owner of the website are often forced to attempt to get backlinks with an exaggerated way.
Advice: Do SEO slowly but surely. Wise use of SEO will be more trusted by your visitors. Do not let your website known as spam by the search engines.

SEO work is good and fine would be favored by the big search engines like Google, Bing, and others. Now you’ve read about 9 important things simple SEO tips above. It helps you fix your SEO optimazation work by following the steps above as a reference SEO Starter Guide that is easy for you. Make sure you also read an article about “Stupid things in the SEO work” on it later. This article can also be an seo tips for beginners. SEO made simple tasks. Happy work with SEO!