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Latest Facebook Features : Facebook Video Call — Facebook has recently developed a new feature called Facebook Video Call. If previously Google has launched Google + Project, so this time Facebook has been launched Facebook Video Call. And previously we could only send messages to other mutual friends on facebook in the form of text messages only, now you can chat while face to face with your friends using live video. You can get Facebook Video Call feature with easy setup, so you can activate Facebook Video Calling feature with a simple way.

To activate the Facebook Video Call feature, you do not need to create or have an account at Skype. This feature will directly integrate your profile page with a list of your friends just after you activate the feature. Facebook Video Chat can be used at no cost if the chat is done by 1 by 1 only. (Group video chat will be charged by Skype).

Video Calling feature on Facebook is browser based. How to use Facebook Video Call is similar to Facebook chat feature. Keep in mind, to be able to use Facebook features Video call, you must have a WebCam. Well, to know directly what kind of video calling features of facebook, then you can follow the steps below, to activate the Facebook Video Call feature to your facebook account.

How to Enable Facebook Video Call:
1. Click the following link:, then click Get Started.

Facebook Video Call Activation 1

2. Click the Set up

Facebook Video Call Activation 2

3.  You will be directed to download Software Free Video Call Setup.

4. Install the plugin is already in your download.

5. After the install is complete, then you are ready to use the Facebook Video Calling feature.

Here’s the view you would get.

Beware to Facebook Video Calling Invitation!

You need to be aware, that the Facebook Video Calling can also be a scam. Although not all Facebook users can use this feature, please be careful to use this feature invitation. Do not just believe when you get an invitation to use this feature to your account. If the scam was successfully executed on your account, then your private data could be stolen.

Facebook Video Call Scam

If you see or receive a message that reads “Enable video calls” on your wall, do not click (do not jump to believe). Official video call service still does not work for all accounts, but spam has spread everywhere.

If you click it, spam will go to your account information, then automatically spam this will result in any takeover of your wall posts, mastering your newsfeed page, access all your data, and spread to the entire account on Facebook and fool your friends.

My advice, you better use the official activation, rather than an invitation from someone else. Do not immediately accept the invitation in your wall posting (could be an invitation is a scam that will ensnare you). Would be safer if you download the program up Video Call directly from the site’s official Facebook page. Ok, that’s an explanation from me about Facebook Video Calling, which is the latest feature from Facebook. Hopefully useful and enjoy the Facebook Video Call with your friends on Facebook.