admin April 23, 2017 @ 5:20AM

Can’t Access New Domain, DNS Resolve Problem — I recently bought a new domain. This time I encountered a new problem that I had never experienced before. My new domain was not able to be accessed on any browser. After searching for information online on the internet, and contact the hosting, it turns out the problem was in DNS internet provider that I use.

I admit, problem after problem can be resolved while making a blog / site. Little by little experience and knowledge grow by itself. As I have now, I just bought a new domain, but it my domain could not be accessed. And I’ve already followed the procedures that must be done, including changing the name servers on my new domain.

I tried to find online information by browsing on the internet and ask my hosting parties, to get a solution to the problems I was facing. Apparently the problem lies in the DNS address of the provider that I use have not finished resolving. And what’s the solution so that we can immediately access my new domain?

According to sources, the DNS (Domain Name System) is a system that stores information about hostnames and domain names in the form of databases scattered (distributed databases) in a computer network, such as the Internet. DNS provides the IP address for each hostname, and lists the mail transmission server (mail exchange server) receive electronic mail (email) for each domain.

DNS provides an important service to the Internet, where computer and network hardware work with IP addresses to perform tasks such as addressing and routing (routing), people generally prefer to use the host name and domain name, for example, is the appointment of a universal source (URL ) and e-mail address. DNS connects this need.

Well, the new domain so you need time to adjust to the host in the network. DNS address changes can be quick too slow. Fast or slow depending on the ISP dns resolve internet you use. So if you want quick access to your new domain, do not need to wait a long time to resolve the global, then you can change your default DNS your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to use OpenDNS.

We must change the default DNS address used on the pc. You can use dns from OpenDNS or Google DNS. This time I am using OpenDNS.

Please follow this step:
1. -> Click Start
2. -> Settings
3. -> Control Panel
4. -> Network Connection
5. -> Click properties on the “Internet Protocol [TCP / IP]”
6. -> Click “Use the following DNS server addresses:
Then please change your DNS to:
Preferred DNS server:
Alternate DNS server:
7. -> Click OK

Well, now restart your Internet connection. Then try accessing your new domain again. Then now, you can access your new domain.