Business Development Strategies for Digital Business from Google

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Digital business started to become a favorite business for many entrepreneurs, both new or old entrepreneurs. Every entrepreneur needs the right business development strategies to achieve success. Various types of business strategies recommended in a lot of online media. All business marketing strategies that do of course vary in each business, although in essence is the same. Here are tips and tricks your digital business innovation from Google, which is an appropriate business growth strategies for you to do. Tips and tricks will also be influential in international global business strategies or your global business strategies, so that the business becomes more developed, profitable, and last a long time. Here it is the tips quoted from

The increasing of new companies in the digital business could occur due to two factors: just part of it because seeing the success of others, or because it has long had a dream to establish a digital company but more motivated after growing digital businesses as it is today.

Establishing and float the digital industry could not be separated from the creative element. In the digital world, creativity requires continuous innovation so that companies can survive in the midst of intense competition. Without innovation, digital companies will easily be abandoned because it creates boredom for its users.

Mike Orgill from Google Singapore share tips on fostering innovation in the digital businesses in the Creative Industry Week Product (PPKI) 2011 Paradise Room at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Wednesday (06/07/2011). Country Lead, Public Policy and Government Affairs for Google Southeast Asia is said to be six innovations developed by entrepreneurs digital businesses.

1. The innovation must be an element of openness. Always do the release of new products and all technical issues relating to products or services offered. This release should be done regularly so that people are always reminded of the products or services offered. If there are technical problems are also better publicized so that people understand that the company is trying to deal with the problems being experienced by consumers.

2. Iinnovation is about people. Create innovations that demonstrate concern for the individual companies, serving consumers with more personal. At least 20 percent of the total working time in the company used to serve consumers intense. Provide convenience to humans in carrying out his daily life will help the company grow faster. If necessary, form a community so that customers feel close to the company.

3. innovation is about stimulation. Make innovations that stimulate the curiosity of consumers. Set in such a way that consumers are interested untukmencoba new products. Give stimulation in the form of pictures, videos, exciting the senses of consumers to find out more about the products or services offered by the company. Google plus is one of the innovations currently being curious consumers.

4. Innovation is a combination of ideas with the technology. The idea that large would not be nothing if not supported by appropriate technology. Sophisticated technology will not mean anything without a good idea to develop and make it beneficial to human life. Do the research stages and continuing to know the suitability of the technology continues to evolve with the initial idea to be realized.

5. Innovation should be close to evolution, which is something that can transform human life. Innovations in digital technology such as the emergence of smart phones. This smart phone is suppose to replace the functions of personal computers (PCs) because the operating system that approached the operating system inside your PC. Google also had to steal the public’s attention when providing services of search engines. The man who once struggled in the library just for the sake of data, can now access the information they need through google search engine.

6. The innovation must be accompanied by courage. Innovation without courage will inhibit creativity company that should be produced and published. For example, Google has acquired YouTube, Blogger, and Picasa as a form of courage to enter the market share of the three portal users worldwide.

All tips and tricks of innovation for your digital business from Google mentioned above is also the marketing strategies for small business. The main factor determining the success of your business is how you can cultivate your business development strategies as well. Thus, your global business strategies will go well and expanding.  A good business growth strategies that you do with the tips above will give a good development impact for your business.

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